Artero Bichón Maltés Cosmetic Pack

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Artero Blanc 

  • Brightening shampoo to intensify coat colour
  • Eliminates unwanted yellow tones
  • Dilutes 1:5
  • 5.5 pH
  • 250ml

Gentle but effective, this formula has been designed for the care of white, black and grey coats and works to intensify the natural coat colour. It is also great for reducing staining and to remove yellow tones from white coats for a dazzling finish. This shampoo leaves any coat extra clean, soft, bright and with a lustrous shine. It’s perfect for Westies, Scotties, Schnauzers and Maltese.

Artero Keratin 

 Conditioner for dogs and cats that instantly nourishes, protects and regenerates the cuticle. Helps straighten, protect and promote healthy, beautiful coat growth.

Recovers the softness and shine of natural hair, achieving a silky and easy to brush appearance. Keratin conditioner regenerates damaged coat and increases the coat's straightness. Can be applied to wet coat after shampoo bath and either be left in, rinsed through, or rinsed out depending on coats needs. Mix 3-4 pumps into our fine misting spray bottles with warm water and use as a flat ironing spray to protect from heat, or finishing spray to help settle down unruly fly-aways. Can also be used as a deep conditioning treatment by applying directly to wet coat after bath and allowing it to sit in coat for 20 minutes. Rinse through coat, dry as usual, and then finish by flat ironing coat to seal in Keratin treatment. 

Artero Pretty Eyes

Artero Pretty Eyes Eye Care Lotion was developed to gently care for eye area. Regular use of Artero Cosmetic's Pretty Eyes Lotion helps combat the problems caused by over-active tear ducts and tear staining. Guaranteed complete elimination of tear stains when use as directed. 

Gentle Formula

Combats over-active tear ducts problems

Made in Spain