Artero Niza Jacket Paws

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The short-sleeved workwear is designed by Artero for canine hairdressers, veterinarians, veterinary clinic assistants, breeders or personnel related to the dog world.

Artero presents its most current models of great elegance and comfort for the canine hairdresser and veterinarian, it is not only important for image, but also for hygiene and safety.

Inspired by the paws of our canine friends, this garment is one of the most adorable canine hairdressing jackets.



Special fabric that prevents hair from sticking to clothing.

Pocket with flap to prevent the dog's paw from getting caught in the pocket.

Practical zipper closure.

Mao collar.

Waist fitted.

Lilac and mauve fabric.

Printed with footprints and hearts.

Flap pocket, zipper, collar and sleeve finish, in lilac,