Artero Yorkshire Cosmetic Pack

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Artero Hidratante 

The ideal shampoo for long-haired breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Afghan Hound, and on dry, damaged coats.

  • Ideal shampoo for long haired breeds and for dry damaged coats
  • Very mild with a base of natural surface-active agents
  • Moisturising and oil restoring components
  • Relaxing properties produce calming effect on skin

The shampoo formula is very mild with a base of natural surface-active agents. The relaxing properties of this shampoo produce a calming effect on the skin. The vitamin complex deeply nourishes the coat, while the moisturising and oil restoring components help recover the natural texture of the coat, leaving it soft, shiny and full of vitality.

Artero Keratin Vital 

Conditioner for dogs and cats that instantly nourishes, protects and regenerates the cuticle. Helps straighten, protect and promote healthy, beautiful coat growth.

Recovers the softness and shine of natural hair, achieving a silky and easy to brush appearance. Keratin conditioner regenerates damaged coat and increases the coat's straightness. Can be applied to wet coat after shampoo bath and either be left in, rinsed through, or rinsed out depending on coats needs. Mix 3-4 pumps into our fine misting spray bottles with warm water and use as a flat ironing spray to protect from heat, or finishing spray to help settle down unruly fly-aways. Can also be used as a deep conditioning treatment by applying directly to wet coat after bath and allowing it to sit in coat for 20 minutes. Rinse through coat, dry as usual, and then finish by flat ironing coat to seal in Keratin treatment. 

Artero Flash

Artero Flash Shine Conditioner is specially formulated to give your pet's coat extraordinary shine and a silky look without feeling greasy. Helps prevents tangling to aid in brushing.

Recommended for all types of coats

Can be used as a softener on dry coats

Made in Spain