Geib Buttercut Blade 10

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Geib Buttercut stainless-steel clipper blades are crafted with the same care and quality as the incomparable Geib Shears. Made of premium-quality, high-carbon German steel and to strict tolerances to cut precisely and cleanly for superior results. Rockwell hardness is 70 which means these blades will stay sharper longer and endure many more sharpenings compared to other brands. Edges stay ultra-sharp longer for lasting performance and durability. Each blade is hand tested at the factory before packaging and shipping to ensure quality and performance in every blade.

Size 10 blade leaves hair 1/16"/1.6mm This size blade comes standard with many new clippers. The Size 10 Blade is great for sanitary trimming (bellies, around eyes, rectum and pads of feet) of any breed. For most close clipper work on poodles, spaniels and terriers, the Size 10 Blade is the blade of choice. Leaving a clean finish, the Size 10 Blade is safe for use on dogs and cats that are too matted for other blades to cut under and remove mats.