Colloidal Silver 4oz

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Colloidal Silver 31.5 PPM .999 Pure Silver 100% Distilled Water Wonder what makes Colloidal Silver work? This product works by disabling the enzyme that metabolizes oxygen in bacteria, viruses, and fungi. When these toxins are deprived of oxygen they suffocate and die. Colloidal Silver only has this effect on pathogenic cells, leaving healthy cells alone. Why Use Colloidal Silver? First, it is a natural antibiotic, anti viral, and antifungal. Secondly, when bacteria has become immune to antibiotics it has no immunity to colloidal silver. And last but not least, the silver is in colloidal form and is easily absorbed by the body. The silver particles are suspended and made so tiny that they can pass through skin membranes. What is it good for? Colloidal silver can actually kill over 650 bacteria, fungi, parasites, and molds that have the potential to sprout diseases. As well as help heal Hot Spots, burns, cuts, rashes, acne and much more. Directions: Apply freely, by spraying topically to desired areas several times a day.