Deshedding Pack

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Ez Out DeShedding Shampoo 16oz ($22.99) 

This conditioning shampoo will help remove the bulk of unwanted undercoat, leaving no hairy mess behind.

Pair with our EZ Shed® DeShedding Conditioner for maximum results.

Dilutes up to 16:1

EZ Out® is a unique non-irritating, non-drying formulation ideal to help remove undercoat with less mess and less stress making it a WIN for both the pet and the groomer. Working out the undercoat with this shampoo makes it easy to remove unwanted hair without the mess. Good for short and long haired coats. Helps promote healthy skin and coat while protecting against excess shedding.

Ez Shed DeShedding Solution 16oz ($32.99) 

Moisturizes skin and coat while eliminating unwanted hair.

Complements Nature's Specialties® EZ Out Shampoo.

Dilutes up to 24:1

A unique blend of essential nutrients, vitamins, proteins, humectants and conditioners that are critical in revitalizing. Removes undercoat and eliminates the dead and devitalized hair with ease, especially on double coated breeds. With the Blends of essential Nutrients, Vitamins, Protein, Humectants and Conditioners it creates a healthy coat and helps reduce future shedding.

Foo Foo Baby Cologne 8oz ($15.99) 

  • Spray colognes for that special finishing touch.
  • These colognes have a long lasting fragrance.
  • Use direct.

A pleasant array of unique fragrances, many of our Foo Foo® colognes complement our Nature's Specialties® shampoos. Safe to use on dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, and pets.