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  • Spray cologne for that special finishing touch
  • Long lasting, tangy mango fragrance with sweet acai berry undertones
  • Complements Nature's Specialties® Froth Tails Mango Margarita Shampoo
  • Use direct

Inspired by the zesty and invigorating scent of a classic mango margarita cocktail, Nature's Specialties new Froth Tails Mango Margarita Cologne is expertly crafted to complement the vibrant and tropical notes of our latest Froth Tails Mango Margarita Shampoo, making this cologne your pet's aromatic passport to paradise! Immerse pets in this delightful essence of ripe mangos while a subtle hint of acai berry adds an aromatic twist that evokes the very essence of paradise itself.

Contains: Alcohol, Purified Water, and Fragrance.

Please Note: Due to the increase in demand, caps may differ than those pictured.