H692 Artero Cosmetics Cleaning Gloves (20 Units)

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Features & details


  • ➤ They are the fastest and easiest way to groom our animal between hairdressing sessions
  • ➤ With the use of the Artero wet gloves, we will also prolong the cleaning of our animal as well as that of our home.
  • ➤ Wet gloves from Artero are formulated with a delicate solution of aloe vera and lanolin as well as a fresh perfume so we will clean, care for and improve the smell of our pet.
  • ➤ Whether you use them after walks, after the pet does their business or after their coat or legs get wet.


How to clean your dog or cat in a few seconds. Easy and comfortable

Extreme the precaution and hygiene measures with your dog these days and clean it comfortably. When you step up your dog for a walk or to deep clean it, the best solution is the Artero Cleaning Gloves.

With the pack of disposable wet cleaning gloves for dogs, it makes the ideal companion at home.

Removes dirt and odours instantly. These gloves with natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, give shine and a pleasant and fresh fragrance. It is recommended to use after walks, performing your needs or after getting wet coat and paws.

Artero wet gloves for dogs and cats are formulated with a delicate solution of Aloe Vera in addition to a fresh perfume that will bring good smell to our pet.

Each pack includes 20 gloves. Secure lid closure