Modular Kennel Cage Stainless Steel Bank kit 304

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Professional enclosed kennel cages at unbelievable prices! Each Modular Kennel Cage features a slide-out plastic floor tray, a removable floor grate, and a secure latching door.

  • Made of durable 304-type stainless steel
  • Doors are removable for easy cleaning
  • Each cage comes with a free 3" x 5" kennel card holder

Cages are available in a small, medium and large sizes. The large cage includes two floor grates, two floor trays and a double door design. It can be divided into two smaller cages using the optional divider panel.

Modular Kennel cages are also available in four custom cage configurations.

Material: 304-type stainless steel.

  • Small Cage measures 18"W x 20"H x 23"D
  • Medium Cage measures 22"W x 30"H x 27"D
  • Large Cage measures 43"W x 32"H x 27"D

Care Instructions: Wash with mild soap and water. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners. Wipe dry after cleaning.

13 Unit Cage Bank kit: Includes
4 Medium Cages
5 Small Cages
2 Large Base w/Wheels


For more information call 787-750-1200