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Bamboo brush with air-cushion rubber system With medium stiffness, gray color, which achieves an adaptability of the bristles to the surface to be brushed. Exclusive ergonomic handle for better grip and effort saving during brushing.

Its bristles are extra long and wide in order to easily open tangles and knots and to drag shedding easily.

Special brush to untangle and remove shedding.

Ideal for large breeds with high hair density (doodle, Newfoundland, spaniel, etc.).

Ecological, made of bamboo.

Recyclable cardboard packaging.

How to use: Hold the brush by the handle and present the side with the barbs on the coat, slide the barbs in the direction of the handle on tangles, knots and moult repeatedly until they are eliminated. Start in favor of the hair and then change in all directions to better enter the tangle from the base. When there is a lot of hair trapped between the barbs, remove it with your hands or a comb.

Main materials: Bamboo, rubber and stainless steel.

Special for untangling and eliminating shedding.