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This Artero dog nail clipper is specially designed for cutting the nails of small breed dogs, puppies or cats.

Mini nail clipper, ideal for small breeds, puppies or cats. In addition, it features the following qualities:


-It is made with high quality materials. The stainless steel, provides great durability, also has organic bamboo in the handle for greater ergonomics.

-With measures approximately 2.75" x 4.33"
-It's handle is designed to accommodate finger thimbles and has a finger rest for greater control during nail cutting.
-Has a similar shape to scissors,  with a curved edge blades of 1 cm to cut small nails.
-It is handmade.

-With a recyclable cardboard packaging.

How to use this dog nail clipper
The following use of this nail clipper is recommended for cats and dogs:

-Step 1: Isolate the dog or cat's nail by removing the hair. For dogs with light nails, identify the nerve and blood vessels in the dog's nail. This is not visible in dogs with black nails, so care should be taken when cutting, so remove a small amount of material at a time.
-Step 2: Cut only the tip of the nail in a straight line. Then release the dog's limb and give it a treat. If the plate is still too long, make another small cut and then give another treat.
-Step 3: Continue cutting the nails neatly and carefully, so as not to hurt the dog or cat. It is best to go slowly during the process, especially when cutting them for the first time.
-Step 4: Do not forget to trim the thumbnail usually found on the front paws. It may also be present on the hind legs of some dogs. It does not touch the ground, so it is likely to be longer and thicker than the rest.

These are some of the main benefits of using a good puppy nail clipper:

-It helps to walk without pain. When long nails touch the ground, pressure is exerted on the nails, which in turn causes pressure to the nail bed. This can cause injury to the finger joints or twist them to one side.
-Straighten. Nails trimmed with the small dog nail clipper result in better body posture.
-Perfect manicure. With shorter nails there is less risk of snagging or breaking the plate. The manicure contributes to a proper blood supply to the nail.
-Safer play. The dog nail clipper not only allows you to take care of your puppy's nails, it will also protect other dogs from accidental injury. When their nails are short, there is less chance of scratching another dog, human or object.