PetLift Walk-In Floor Bath 58" Stainless Steal

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 The PetLift® Walk-In Floor Bath is a stainless steel pet grooming tub that's ideal for large breeds.

This heavy-duty, professional PetLift® Walk-In Floor Bath has an extra wide opening, a low-rise basin front, and stands only 12" off the floor to give pets easy walk-in, walk-out access.

  • Adds the convenience of a built-in shower at an economical price
  • Eliminates unnecessary lifting of heavy, larger breeds or the need for a ramp or stairs
  • Durably constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel

The PetLift® Walk-In Floor Bath is available in either left plumbed or right plumbed styles. Plumbing fixtures not included.

Material: 16 Gauge stainless steel

Size: Pet grooming tub measures 58"L x 24"W x 44"H overall
   Height is 44"
   Height off floor is 12"
   Width is 58"
   Depth is 24"

Product Weight: This product weighs approximately 185 lbs.


10 Year Warranty for the original buyer against defects in material or workmanship under normal use in the service for which the product is intended. Warranty covers stainless steel animal baths against leakage and rust, provided the tub is maintained with proper care and cleaning. Please note that over time, the appearance of “rust” on the stainless steel can occur. This is not the stainless steel material, but material introduced from the environment that could include chemicals, air particles, dirt, moisture or other factors. Standard stainless steel cleaning practices will remove the appearance of staining/rust. In selecting cleaning practices, consider the possibility of scratching and the potential for post cleaning corrosion caused by incompletely removed cleaners. Select only cleaners that are not abrasive, not acidic, and low in chloride. Many antibacterial cleaners used to clean and sanitize door hardware contain high levels of chlorides, which will cause corrosion if not properly removed from the surface by rinsing.