K-9 III Variable Speed

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The K9 III Variable Speed Dog Dryer allows you to complete control over airflow. Airflow can be varied from 0-100 percent depending on the size and breed of the dog or thickness of coat.The Ultra powerful K9 III has been tamed. The new K9 III Variable Speed Dog Dryer allows you to slow this blaster down to a gentle breeze.

  • Variable speed switch – high velocity to blow water out; low velocity for detail work.
  • Includes 10′ hose, two filters, and both flat and round blower tips.
  • Available in two paint colors: Blue and Purple Metallic.
  • Two year warranty

Dimensions: 22"L x 33"W x 17"H
Material: Metal
Air Volume: 245 CFM
Air Speed: 60,921 FPM
Heat: Warm Air
Watts: 2,098
Amps: 19
Volts: 110
Weight: 33 lbs
Warranty: Manufacturer’s two-year


The Difference between the K9 II and K9 III Blower Dryers

Both dryers utilize the same motors. The single tube K9 II produces a slightly higher discharge temperature due to the confined space of the single tube. The K9 III produces a slightly higher airflow rate at a marginally lower discharge temperature due to increased intake area. The major difference is the ease of maintenance. The motor brushes on the K 9 III can be changed by simply removing the end caps on the dryer. The K 9 II requires disconnecting a number of wires and removing the power cord, outlet, switches and one motor from the tube.

Warranty: K9 units are guaranteed  against defects in workmanship  and/or motors for two years from date of purchase . All other parts are guaranteed 90 days against defects in workmanship and/or materials . Warranty on motor-turbines is applicable  only if motor-turbines have not been taken apart or tampered with.

Motor-turbines, hoses,or unit to be repaired must be returned to factory freight pre-paid or post paid for to apply. Warranty 2 year with manufacturer.